Speakout Mondays Wien

Jeden Montag im August finden von 16.00 - 19.00 im Alois-Drasche-Park (1040 Wien) die Speakout Mondays statt. Wir haben versucht ein möglichst spannendes Programm mit Speakern aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen zusammenzustellen. Hier findest du das genaue Programm:

about »Work & Learning«

  • Van Bo Le-Mentzel About the oldest intelligence in the world: Neighborhood Intelligence
  • Katharina Ossko Decision making based on equivalence and partnership and what it needs to get there
  • Thomas Schneider & Adam Donovan tba
  • Josef Zeisel What is economy?
  • Axinia Samoilova The unbelievably good future of work and learning

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about »Inspiration & Design«

  • Erwin Bauer About inclusive design
  • Mirjam De Klepper The importance of design for NPOs
  • Annemarie Harant My inspiration for a revolution of feminine hygiene
  • Borhan Mohammadi Pencil and ashes

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about »Education & Commitment«

  • Gerald Scheibelhofer Self-determined learning as an efficient rationale of a school.
  • Valentin Schmiedleitner My commitment to encourage others to ask next door
  • Ana Bernardes stEFFIE: what's behind a festival for innovative education
  • Julia Weber When students COMMIT to change education

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about »Resources & Subsequent Use«

  • Noëmi Leemann Museums not for representation
  • Martin Rohla How to make business without being an egoist
  • Theresa Steininger What do you really need for a good life
  • Sascha Haas Living inspiration
  • Irene Prieler Architecture as an art of society
  • Gerin Trautenberg Pleasure maximum - open data, open design and a open city as a resource for everyone
  • Reinwalt Kümel About Resources and Refugees

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