WordPress Basics - Workshop -

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19.01.2016 1800 – 2100
Café Prosa, Sparkassaplatz 3, 1150 Wien
5 Plätze frei
2 - 6 Plätze

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Hands on! Let's meet and learn from each other the basic usage of WordPress (no programming).

It is opened to complete beginners as well to experts, because I am not a WordPress expert myself and I would like someone to help me with your most difficult questions :-)

The day before: please register a free webspace and domain name (e.g my-website.at) for yourself because it takes some time to be accessible! See the details below (Anmerkungen).

Plan (to be adapted to the participants):

1. Introduction to web hosting: web server, HTTP, FTP, HTML, PHP, MySQL
2. Send (WordPress) files to your webspace, create your database
3. Install and configure WordPress

* break! *

6. Publish an article
7. Install new themes and plugins
8. Playing around and open questions


Bring your computer and if you can, it would be nice to register a free webspace and domain name before the workshop, not only 2 hours before but ideally one day before, because it takes some time for it to be accessible. You can get one year for free on easyname (special offer until the end of January):


Procedure: order the free "medium" offer, select a domain, receive a confirmation code on your telephone, validate... you should get an email "Domain successfully bought at easyname". When you get this email, it's OK!

If you want, you can continue to take care of your website and eventually pay next year to keep it... or just use it for the workshop. If you already have a webspace that you want to re-use, no problem but in any case, please take the connection information with you (FTP, MySQL or whatever information you got from the hosting service).

Alternatively, you can practice on wordpress.com which offers a free and easy hosting, but the features are limited: you can only install a limited selection of themes and plugins.

Feel free to bring some snacks or fingerfood so we can make a break in between and eat a bit :-)