We've got the web 2.0, now where is the email 2.0? - Workshop -

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03.10.2015 1200 – 1800
Alternatiba Festival, stand FSFE / Libervia, Resselpark, 1040 Wien
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This is not a workshop, but I will tell you about the Internet, how it was and how it is now used to communicate, the problems we are facing and what we can do to solve them:

- why has the Internet been invented and how did it developped?
- focus on the 2 most known usages: web and email
- ADSL, apparition of the web 2.0 and decline of the email
- group activity: let's play a small educational card game
- free software and standardisation
- presentation of XMPP and Libervia

I am one of the developper of Libervia and we'll share a stand at the Alternatiba Festival with the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). The topics that are listed here will not necessarily be discussed in that order: we'll be there for the whole afternoon, so just come by and tell me what you want to talk about.