The Idea

A flying classroom for a new, neighborly culture of education

Everybody is good at something, everybody knows something. On the Internet, information is ever-present. In the school of tomorrow, there are no classes, no separation between teachers and students, no lesson plans. The school of tomorrow doesn't happen in a fixed location. Everybody can teach and learn everywhere. It's all based on connections. Therefore, strengthening the neighborhood plays a central part.

Our #openschoool experiment should encourage to actively become engaged in the topic of education: the school of tomorrow is no longer about information imparted by a teacher, but about connections that are successfully created between people, experts, curious minds, friends and neighbors.

Das Projekt entstand im Sommer 2015 für die Vienna Biennale, initiiert durch das MAK. Die #openschoool war einer von 10 Demonstratoren, die sich für die Ausstellung »2051 - Smart Life in the City« Gedanken über die Zukunft der Stadt machten. Gemeinsam mit Van Bo Le-Mentzel und einem kleinen Team entstand ein fliegendes Klassenzimmer als Kunstprojekt, das mittlerweile bei [home] ein fixes zu Hause gefunden hat.

Wenn das ganze für dich spannend klingt, dann melde dich doch einfach bei uns oder schau vorbei auf unserer facebook-Seite.

#openschoool manifesto

  1. O ffenheit zählt, nicht Wissen For what is your knowledge good for if you can't share it with others? In the #openschoool we want to make space and share knowledge without expecting anything in return.
  2. O rientierung ist besser als Zertifizierung You won't get any report, title nor any certification in the #openschoool, but orientation.
  3. O rthogravie ist überbewertet – Beziehungen sind alles Many times the form is more important than the content. For instance, people who have difficulties with calculation or writing suffer from it. We want to concentrate on the strengths of the people, and show what can be achieved when we have trust in one network.

We've been intensely discussing our manifest. If you have suggestions for the manifest, please write us or join the discussion about it here.


Do you like the idea of the #openschoool and do you want to take part? We are pleased to welcome new members and there's always something to do here. Is there anything that you have always wanted to learn? Or would you like to bring yourself something new to the others? Have a look at our #openschoool platform!

What things are you good at, and that you would you like to bring to the others? What would you like to learn? For instance we are looking for your help...

  • for our crowdfunding on
  • with items donation: we are still looking for some items - maybe you've got one of the stuff listed on our #openschoool wishlist and you can borrow it or maybe even give it to us?
  • for telling and spreading the idea

Press Area & Downloads

Here you can find our press files. We are open to any question – thanks!

  • A tuk-tuk as a mobile classroom in the 4th,
  • A tuk-tuk as a mobile classroom in the 4th, BZ 0.9mb
  • The „flying classroom“ lands in Drasche park, BZ
  • Summer school on three wheels, BZ 0.4mb
  • The architect who gives money away – "I am a Karma-economist",
  • #openschoool, Stadtradio Orange 94.0
  • The architect who gives money away – "I am a Karma-economist", 2.4mb
  • Press Release (DE) (5.05.2015) 62kb
  • Press Release (DE) 113kb
  • Press Release (EN) 113kb
  • Press Release (EN) 113kb
  • Press Pictures (5.05.2015) .zip 5.4mb
  • Recipe form for the Cookboook 0.5mb

The Team


Ich bin ein Mensch, der fortlaufend auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Projekten ist. Bei #openschoool möchte ich auch anderen helfen, diese zu verwirklichen. Nebenbei bin ich als Musiker und bei Schulterblick - Die Wiener Fahrradschule tätig, ein Verein, dessen Ziel es ist, den Umstieg auf kinder- und umweltfreundliche Mobilität in der Stadt zu unterstützen. Koordination · 25



Hi, I've been with Van Bo in the #openschoool since the beginning. All these things are so great to do, and especially when it brings people together. When you have some questions about the project, or some suggestions to improve the website, you are very welcome to contact me. Co-initiator, graphic design · 22


Foto: Alexander Gotter

Topics like society, education and the general public have already been stimulating me for years. This is why I was involved in the occupation of the Audimax of Vienna University and later spent several years trying to breathe a little life into the Austrian media scene by writing for and co-editing the magazine über.morgen. After sending some pictures of my selfmade Neukoelln desk to to Van Bo, he invited me to join #openschoool. I simply couldn't say no to such a good idea. PR & Social-Media · 28

Vielen Dank an

Van Bo

Foto: Paradis Sauvage / Stephanie Bothor




Foto: Piers Erbsloeh




Foto: Alexander Merbeth